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This new website is devoted to my sports and sports related images. I love shooting sports! I got my first real opportunity back in San Diego, where I am from. I had got an all access press pass from a newspaper to shoot the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres. Of course, that was back in the film days. So I had to give up the rolls of film to the newspaper. But hey, I was on the field with heros of mine like Kellen Winslow and company! It was surreal having access to the locker rooms after the games. I was so young and in awe, I never even took a single photo in there. I just soaked up the atmosphere. And it shouldn`t have been so overwhelming for me. As I played college football myself. But it was so cool!

One of the main draws to shooting sports is how difficult it is to do it well. Very fast action, most often poor lighting conditions and a hundred other factors make it hard work to excel in. But I love that challenge! I am not competing in atheletics anymore, so I compete against myself,  and all the other sports photographers and the elements to capture compelling sports images.

I am a full time professional photographer now. So my main bread and butter to pay the bills is Miller Photography NW ( I love creating vibrant, colorful, creative images that my clients will enjoy forever. I photograph high school seniors, family`s, children and baies/maternity as well as weddings and events and business and corporate photography. Including one job I did last year for a business that Federal law prohibited me from sharing any of the photos or even discuss the job in detail. Kind of cool, but a bummer that I could not share the story or images from the job!

I hope you enjoy the images! And say hi to me and my daughter when you see us out at your event. She loves meeting new people! Finally, I would like to say that I have throughly enjoyed meeting lots of kids and their parents and family`s. Not to mention the thousands of local residents that support and are fans of our local atheletes and their teams! Thanks for all of you!

Mark Miller

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